Heavy Metal from the North


A brutal steamroller of a riff machine; the Gods Of Hellfire are an intimidating, unstoppable force of heavy metal thunder!

Currently cutting a swathe through the musical scene of Bradford and the North of England are battle-hardened metallers; The Gods of Hellfire.

Taking their cues from bands such as Crowbar, Grand Magus, YOB, High On Fire and Mercyful Fate, they have spent the last few years laying waste to venues up and down the country and in Europe too, sharing the stage with WOLF, DEATH ANGEL, Y&T to name but a few. 2009 saw them being asked to play the New Blood Stage at the mighty BLOODSTOCK festival and from then on they have gone from strength to strength…

Gods Of Hellfire’s pedigree lists such bands as Serenity, Bloodstream, Khang, Lazarus Blackstar.

2012 looks set to be a great year, having signed a European management and booking deal, plans for a new EP in the pipeline and gigs booked for here, there and everywhere.


Alec Calderbank – Unholy Incantations
Rich Savage – Riff Worship
Paul Evans – Face Melting
Paul Brown – Brown Tones And Purpetual Neck Motion
Rich Fleming – Thunder of the Gods