We have risen, but unlike Lazarus before us we are born of something more sinister, darker than what came before. We live


A brutal steamroller of a riff machine; the Gods Of Hellfire are an intimidating, unstoppable force of heavy metal thunder!

With a stripped down line up the Gods have come full circle a reverted back to a four piece, more focused, with renewed vigour and a nastier more violent sound than ever before.

Built on the solid foundation of Rich’s down-tuned, chainsaw Riffs, Paul’s Fuzz Bass Rumble and the utterly evil guttural Voice of Alec, the Gods are ready for the next chapter of destruction.

They take their cues from bands such as Judas Priest, Crowbar, Entombed, Grand Magus, Candlemass & Trouble to name just a few.

Having just digitally released their recorded live in the Studio E.P “LIVE Once…..Die Twice” to thus far critical acclaim, the Gods are now ready to record their second, as yet untitled second album.